Yonder Mountain String Band
Bonnaroo Music Festival
June 11, 2004 — Manchester Tennessee
Photography by David Oppenheimer
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Yonder Mountain String Band   Review from Bonnaroo Music Festival 2004
Yonder Mountain String Band took to Which Stage at 2pm for a hour and a half performance. The jamming foot stomping string band brought to the large stage what many in this area of the country are accustomed to, rocking bluegrass music. The stand up bass laid the back-beat, while the banjo and electric mandolin picked rapid medleys that subconsciously caused my legs to start moving when trying to be still enough to photograph the band. They opened with Riverside, the rest of the setlist read: Raleigh with Spencer, Left Me in a Hole, Maid In the Canyon, Head of That Woman, Ramblin in the Rambler, Steep Grade, Sharp Curves, Ramblin in the Rambler, You’re No Good, Spanish Harlem Incident, Side Show Blues, Lord Only Knows, On the Run, Looking Back Over My Shoulder, On the Run, Hill Country Girl, Holding, Free audio previews of this show are here at Live Bonnaroo.
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