The Dead
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison Colorado
June 15-20, 2004
Gallery by David Oppenheimer
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Gallery 2

The lots open in the early afternoon. With so much going on being so close to Denver, Boulder, and on the edge of the Rocky's along with the intese mid-day heat, it seems everyone gradually makes it to the lot. Chief Hosa campground rages during the shows. The pine tree campground has lots of shade, and is open for partying 24 hours a day when the Dead are in town. The view from Red Rocks is majestic. Situated above 6000', Denver can be seen lighting up in the distance after sunset. The Red Rocks Park is loaded with ancient dinosaur footprints embedded in the rocks, and cliffs that were once horizontal. The sign there marking the Trading Post Trail warns to, "Fight Back" if [a] "lion attacks". (photo below) Its hard to believe less than 10,000 make it to Red Rocks when The Dead are there for a week, but that is about the capacity of the amphitheater.

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