Bonnaroo Music Festival
Manchester Tennessee
June 12, 2005
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After 40 years of touring with The Grateful Dead, his other bands, and 3 years at Bonnaroo under is belt, Bob Weir 'laid it down' as is customary, performing with his band, Ratdog. If you lost or forgot your Bonnaroo schedule and map, and/or your dyslexia or ‘medication’ kicks in, you may be confused which stage they were playing on. Which Stage? Nope; well, it wasn't That Stage or the Other Tent either, it was What Stage. I’m almost certain, and I worked at the Information Booth. Bonnaroo seems to bring the best out bands that perform at this pinnacle of music festivals, located on a farm near the central Tennessee town of Manchester, and this show was no exception. The day before they were scheduled to play, Ratdog busted out at the small Sonic Stage in Centeroo, but few were lucky enough to catch this unannounced, 4-song quickie. The setlist for Sunday's show, on the main stage was: Jam > Truckin' > Playing in the Band, Bird Song > Cassidy > Jack Straw > Ashes and Glass > Two Djinn, St. Stephen, Dear Prudence, Sugar Magnolia (courtesy: www.setlist.com). Bobby was looking great and they put on an upbeat early evening show as the rain held off. I had to keep putting the camera down so I could dance. I just wish Bonnaroo lasted longer, because I never seem to have so much fun as I do working, and dancing and partying at the Bonnaroo Music Festivals. 'Never had such a good time'!

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