Bonnaroo Music Festival
June 11,2004 Manchester Tennessee
Photography by David Oppenheimer
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Praxis Review from Bonnaroo Music Festival 2004
Starting around midnight (early by Bonnaroo standards), i made my way to This Tent to see my first Praxis show. From the first note played by Bernie on his Hohner Clavinet D6 electric keyboards, the band quickly wound up and took off into a maze of acid medleys. Bill Laswell laid down the bass in double time. Buckethead would most come alive during his guitar solos. Their fusion of sounds and styles got Praxis many at Bonnaroo's vote for best performance at the festival. Praxis' first album,"Transmutation" came out in 1992 and "Sacrifist" in 1994. Lili Haydn played on the violin, Brian on the drums, Buckethead - lead guitar, Bill Laswell - bass, and Bernie Worrell on the keyboard. Bernie had on some funky shades and a purple hat. You could tell he was having a blast putting on what ended up being one of the greatest shows of the summer. This show is available for download ($11) with free audio previews here. ( The setlist for this show is here ( Praxis was scheduled to start at midnight and played till around 4am.

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