Dark Star orchestra
Allgood Music Festival
2004 West Virginia
Photography by David Oppenheimer
2004 Performance Impressions - All Rights Reserved

Dark Star Orchestra   Review from Allgood Music Festival 2004
Dark Star Orchestra, the #1 Grateful Dead impressionist, played a daylight show at Allgood on a hot summer day. The local fire departent set up showers that were well worth the $5 they were charging. These guys recreate an entire Grateful Dead performance from the past, bringing to a younger generation, the Grateful Dead experience. Selling out venues around the country, should tell you something about this band. They're tight, dedicated, and go to great lengths to maintain accuracy while revisiting the setlists from years past. I'll never forget when the band spontaneously voted and gave my dog a all-acess pass. See ya on the other side Scott.
David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions

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