Bonnaroo Music Festival 2005
Photography of Performance Impressions
Manchester Tennessee
June 12, 2005
2005 Performance Impressions - All Rights Reserved

Bonnaroo Music Festival # 4, another success, living up to its reputation as the largest, most action packed, best line-up music festival since Woodstock. Too many stages to count, with incredible music at all of them, requires some difficult picking and choosing when planning your days there. Here are a few random photos from Bonnaroo 2005.
Photography from Bonnaroo Music Festival 2005, Allman Brothers during press photo op, getting towed to Bonnaroo down the interstate, at information booth, Beth and I with Cris Robinson of Black Crows on stage,'girl eating' dragon, cell phoneing show to friends, speaks for itself, Charlie Hitchcock of Particle backstage, Drunk & High Dave, Stanton Moore of Galactic, and STS9's drummer, not sure who is on left, more sweethearts, Dave Mathews backstage, Dragon, part of Parade, Ratdog, and more amazing beautiful girls at the festival.

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