Trey Anastasio with 70 Volt Parade
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
October 7, 2005 — Asheville North Carolina
Photos by David Oppenheimer
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Trey Anastasio with 70 Volt Parade   Review from October 7, 2005
Trey and his band, 70 Volt Parade, performed in Asheville at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium between their two nights opening for the Rolling Stones’ shows at Duke University and Atlanta. The opening band kept the early arrivers entertained. Trey played several songs from his new album ‘Shine’, due out November 1. Covered songs from the new album included ‘Sleep Again’, Tuesday, Where Ever You Find It, and the cover track, ‘Shine’. The band was in good form. Trey seemed to be enjoying the crowd—he paused several times to speak to the raving fans. At one point he asked the crowd how many had seen him the previous year with the large band ensemble. The show went on past midnight. Many left their seats to fill the aisles and few feet between the front row of chairs and the stage. The old auditorium is an intimate yet decent size venue and is tucked beside the Asheville Civic Center in downtown. Trey sat down to play three songs on acoustic guitars. He switched to a second acoustic guitar between songs but was unhappy with its tuning so it was quickly switched again. The show kept in pace with 70 Volts Parade’s high-energy output besides the mid-show acoustic detour. Trey never seemed to tire. The show went on past midnight. This latest project of Trey’s is bound to draw new fans who are drawn to acid-rock jams. Pre-order purchaser’s of the new album will get a bonus disc featuring Trey’s last live performance in Chicago and will be entered to win autographed lyrics and copies of ‘Shine’. Trey Anastasio and 70 Volt Parade's official site
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