The Dead Photos 2009
              Madison Square Garden - NYC

        Spring Tour with The Dead 
       Photography by David Oppenheimer


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The Dead
Madison Square Garden
New York City
April 25,  2009

The Dead photos at Madison Square Garden in New York City

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The Dead made it to New York City for one night of their 2009 spring tour.  The sold out show had people flying in from all over the country.  It seemed that most of the fans who made the trek were there in the 1990's to see the Grateful Dead who put on epic performances in the midtown Manhattan iconic stadium.  The Cosmic Charlie opener set the stage for an awesome night of music.  Many were excited to hear The Dead follow the Grateful Dead's tradition of covering the Rolling Stone's Gimme Shelter.


Set 1:

Cosmic Charlie
China Cat
Shakedown Street
Ship of Fools
He's Gone

Set 2:
Crypitical Envelopment
The Other One
Born Cross Eyed
St Stephen
The Eleven
Uncle John's Band
Unbroken Chain
Gimme Shelter
One More Saturday Night
Donor Rap
E: Brokedown Palace

The Band:
Phil Lesh
Bob Weir
Bill Kruetzman
Mickey Hart
Warren Haynes
Jeff Chimenti

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