Stanton Moore Trio
Stella Blue
March 24, 2006
Concert Photos and Review by David Oppenheimer
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The Stanton Moore Trio - Stella Blue - Asheville NC

    Stanton Moore knows how to keep a crowd on their toes.  The highly energetic show at Asheville’s intimate Stella Blue night club lasted late into the night.   The band plays instrumental jams, taking twists and turns, in a “funk meets jazz” rip.  Will Bernard played rhythm and lead on guitar. 
    Stanton Moore seemed to be having a good night never slowing for long before normality would break down into frenzied vivacious resonance.  Dr. Lonnie Smith made his vintage electric organ sing.  At one point, near the end of one jam, Dr. Smith played with his face; I couldn’t tell if he used his nose or chin but it sounded good.  Dr. Smith sang some as back up. Stanton was jm, at one point he stood up and reached over his drumset, still playing, to beat on the front of the bass drum with one of his drumsticks. 
   Stanton Moore’s latest lineup is a hot! Stanton has just finished in the studio for his newest project/album. The new yet unnamed release is due out toward the end of the year and features Robert Walter on organ, Skerik on saxophone, Mark Mullins on trombone, Will Bernard and Dr. Lonnie Smith. Stanton Moore has also been touring this spring with Galactic.

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Stanton Moore

Will Benard

Dr. Lonnie Smith

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