Soul Assassins
The Orange Peel
February 27, 2006
Concert Photos and Review by David Oppenheimer
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Soul Assassins - The Orange Peel - Asheville NC

Self Scientific got the show off early, serious, sharp and critical. DJ Muggs from Cypress hill brought his mixing talents to the stage along with the acclaimed talents of Gza from the Wu-Tang Clan. The crowd was hyped up. Gza from the Wu-Tang Clan commanded the microphone versing through topics from partying and weed to politics. At one point, Gza shouted to the crowd asking if anyone in the near sold out club was a Bush supporter. There were no takers. The show came to a brief halt when someone in the front row reached up grabbing Gza's neckless and broke it. Gza spoke to the crowd but stayed civil realizing that the kid intended no harm, so the show went on. DJ Muggs was on the microphone several times while running the tables and mixer. Gza took advantage of his wireless microphone by jumping off the stage into the crowd while continuing to rhyme on time. The party went into overdrive around 1 am. when 15 girls from the audience shaked their stuff on stage.

David Oppenheimer - Performance Impressions

DJ Muggs


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