Vince Welnick and Gent Treadly
Firelake Music Festival
August 11-14 2005 — Gaffney SOuth Carolina
Photography by David Oppenheimer
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Vince Welnick and Gent Treadly   Review from Firelake Music Festival 2004
Vince Welnick and Gent Treadly took to Main Stage 1 on Saturday the 13th at 10:30 pm. With their drummer and guitarist, they opened with Shakedown Street, I was stoked. I had trouble standing still to take pictures as the band went through a wide range of Grateful Dead classics and well as a few covers and songs from Vince’s other bands. I had so much fun at this show I couldn’t leave even though I wanted to catch The Codetalkers with guest Jimmy Herring. Vince looked and sounded great. Greg poured sweat playing beats and harmonies on the bass. I made a break for The Codetalkers who were playing on Side Stage 1 during Vince’s rendition of James Brown’s ‘It’s a Man’s World’. Vince and his band played the next afternoon on Main Stage 2. The midday Vince and Greg show was great. I could hear the opening song ‘They Love Each Other’ while making my way around the lake and across the field to the stage. The band went on to play tunes from Vince’s band ‘The Tubes’ and covering The Beatle’s ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ (it might have been night show) but they definitely played Helter Skelter during the day show. They also performed The Door’s ‘Crystal Ship’, the Grateful Dead’s ‘Bertha’ and Robert Hunter and Vince Welnick’s own Grateful Dead originals ‘Samba in the Rain’ and ‘Way to go Home’, which I was hoping to hear. They seemed to play it by ear a bit because their hand written Setlist had a few cross-outs and still wasn’t strictly adhered to. This show was a real treat for me. Vince also played a song he wrote about and dedicated to Jerry. Vince Welnick's - Official Site
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