Vince Welnick and Gent Treadly
Firelake Music Festival
August 11-14 2005 � Gaffney SOuth Carolina
Photography by David Oppenheimer
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Vince Welnick and Gent Treadly   Review from Firelake Music Festival 2004
Vince Welnick and Gent Treadly took to Main Stage 1 on Saturday the 13th at 10:30 pm. With their drummer and guitarist, they opened with Shakedown Street, I was stoked. I had trouble standing still to take pictures as the band went through a wide range of Grateful Dead classics and well as a few covers and songs from Vince�s other bands. I had so much fun at this show I couldn�t leave even though I wanted to catch The Codetalkers with guest Jimmy Herring. Vince looked and sounded great. Greg poured sweat playing beats and harmonies on the bass. I made a break for The Codetalkers who were playing on Side Stage 1 during Vince�s rendition of James Brown�s �It�s a Man�s World�. Vince and his band played the next afternoon on Main Stage 2. The midday Vince and Greg show was great. I could hear the opening song �They Love Each Other� while making my way around the lake and across the field to the stage. The band went on to play tunes from Vince�s band �The Tubes� and covering The Beatle�s �I Saw Her Standing There� (it might have been night show) but they definitely played Helter Skelter during the day show. They also performed The Door�s �Crystal Ship�, the Grateful Dead�s �Bertha� and Robert Hunter and Vince Welnick�s own Grateful Dead originals �Samba in the Rain� and �Way to go Home�, which I was hoping to hear. They seemed to play it by ear a bit because their hand written Setlist had a few cross-outs and still wasn�t strictly adhered to. This show was a real treat for me. Vince also played a song he wrote about and dedicated to Jerry. Vince Welnick's - Official Site
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